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Googles gave you its own treasure, for free isn't it amazing, uses Google to rank on googles. ya, that's true. we don't need any higher SEO tool to rank on googles any more. Google is now improving the quality of the search result likewise encourage you to improve your websites. hence google provide such tools to improve your website quality. you can use them in many ways. Beat your competitors with googles free tools

3 Googles free tools. Which can rank your website to the top

1. Google Search Console

Google Search console: this webmaster helps you find errors, bugs, Index issue in your website. You can check search queries for which your website is appearing in the search engine result.

Also, you can track how many impressions, Clicks your website is getting from different search queries and the amazing this is that you can check you’re ranking & your position on search engine result page. For any specific search queries or an average of all searches.

15 SEO tools 2019 Google search console Performance Appfila

Errors such as 404, Bugs, error in sitemaps can easily be detected on the search console. Improving your website quality gives a positive sign which will surely increase your ranking Google itself provides you with all the details so that you rank better.

Index issues can be easily fixed through Google search console; also it allows you to check which page is not indexed on Google just by pasting the link to the inspection bar.

15 SEO tools 2019 Google search console Indexing Appfila


You can make a request to Index a new webpage, or if you made any changes in the webpage you can easily make an index request through search console

There are many more options like Mobile usability, Link tracks. Google search Console is an amazing SEO tool which helps you improve your website quality also give details how your website is performing on search engines.

You can easily connect your website with search console, learn How to connect the website to search console Click here

2. Google Trends

Google Trends: Billions of searches are done every day on Google, almost everything you can find on Google which is present online. Google is full of information, which is fetched from other different sources {websites}.

Google keeps track, what people search on Google, which searches term they use, their locations and much more it remains depending on Google’s privacy policy. Here Goggles trend provides you the search analytics, what people are searching the most on Google, what is trending.

15 SEO tools 2019 Google trends trending searches Appfila

Google Trend provides you every single detail about the most searched “Search term” which website is on the top. How many searches are performed? You can track annual event, Get the keywords for them. You can find the perfect topic for creating contents

How Google trends can be used as keyword finder or can be used in Event blogging.

Google trends provide 3 feature: Explore, Trending searches, Year in the search. Explore is uses for analyzing the search terms. You can compare different search term according to the search locations, dates, and search types

Explore will provide you with the complete result how much searches are performed in which times it can give you the real-time data 4 hours ago, you can easily export the date in EXCL or PDF files, share the link of data, you can embed the current real-time data anywhere embed codes is available as well.

Here I am embedding the real-time comparison for the search term "Neil Patel" and "Brian Dean" using Google trends Explore

Trending searches: works differently it gives you the link of the articles which are trending in real-time, the keywords, and Meta tags of the articles, compare them to explore

You can find the related topics of the article, Search terms on which the articles are appearing in the search result, No of the searches made and use them to create a parallel content. Or if you have the similar content you can optimize for the search terms which are in search.

Event blogger uses Trending searches & get trending topics from Google trends and create content and earn.

Year in search: The third one is similar to the trending searches works exactly as the trending search, but it gives you the analytics of the whole year, sorts the search terms according to categories. Which was trending in the previous year? here is the Image of Year in search

15 SEO tools 2019 Google trends Year in search Appfila

Bloggers can find a better niche to work on. You can find keywords which are searched on a particular date so that you can prepare content for upcoming dates Example “Results, Exams, Festivals”

3. Google PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights allow you to check the speed and usability of your site on multiple devices Measure the performance of a web page. Gives suggestions on how to improve the page's performance, accessibility, and SEO.

According to July 2018, Google Speed Update Loading speed of a website is also a major ranking factor. Nobody likes to wait and users are more likely to close the window if it takes to much time to load. learn how to convert the page into a Progressive Web App.

Here is how Google PageSpeed Insights looks like. I am checking the Neilpatel.com looks amazing that's the reason Neil is the best Digital marketer15 SEO tools 2019 Google PageSpeed Insights Neil patel score Appfila


Google PageSpeed Insight is free to use and helps you improve your website performance. so that it can be ranked easily, Pingdom Tools & GT Metrix also provide the speed and usability of the website they also have some paid features I have listed them below.

Is there any other Googles Free SEO Tools? tell me in Comments


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